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(London, England)

If you are headed for London's busy Heathrow Airport (LHR) in your own car, then you will certainly need to consider where you are intending to park. There are a selection of different car parking options on offer at Heathrow, tailored to meet the different potential needs and requirements of both visitors and passengers.

Airport car parking at London Heathrow is provided by BAA and it is possible to reserve a space prior to your arrival, by using the online booking facility available on their official website. Alternatively, you can simply turn up and pay the applicable tariff, or take advantage of car parks at nearby hotels and guest houses.


If you are intending to drop-off passengers, then the forecourts are the ideal place to do this, being reached by following the departures signs. However, it you are collecting passengers flying into Heathrow Airport, then you must use the actual short-stay (short-term) car parks, where charges are calculated for each 30-minute period up to two hours, hourly up to six hours, and for longer periods thereafter, leading up to a daily tariff. Worth noting, the short-term parking is really intended for periods of up to five hours. The location of each of the main parking areas is as follows:
  • Terminal 1 - to the left of the main complex
  • Terminal 2 - behind the terminals
  • Terminal 3 - to the left of the terminals
  • Terminal 4 - outside of the main complex
  • Terminal 5 - close to the entrance


Long-term car parking is sited to the east of the terminals, on the perimeter road, being designed for passengers staying away for two days or longer. The official long-term area is known as 'Parking Express Heathrow' and serves Terminals 1, 2 3 and also Terminal 4. There is a separate long-stay (long-term) car park for the recently opened Terminal 5, situated off the Northern Perimeter Road. Regular airport courtesy shuttle buses are available, linking the main terminal buildings in a matter of minutes. The daily shuttle buses run between 05:30 to 23:30 and direct dial telephones are available in these car parking areas, so that passengers are able to request this useful service outside of the set hours.


Tel: +01883 340089
The reception areas for LHR Heathrow's popular Valet Car Parking service are open between the hours of 05:30 and 22:00. This valet service suits travellers looking for sheer convenience, since you are able to simply drive up to the drop-off point and leave your car there, so that a member of airport staff can park it on your behalf. There is even a 'Car Care' package available, where your car is fully cleaned - inside and out - whilst you are away from London on your travels.


Business car parking is available and to be found on the Northern and Southern Perimeter roads. These spaces are designed to be especially close to Heathrow's main terminals, suiting those passengers who are short of time or frequent fliers.

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